Windows cleaning

We provide windows cleaning service for households, companies, kindergartens, and schools. We offer window-shops cleaning and display windows cleaning in shopping centers, offices and restaurant facilities.

Windows are cleaning by squeegee, if pollution is bigger we use special metal extensions to remove dirt leftovers. Professional cleaning detergents are part of windows cleaning service. Windows cleaning service includes also frames, handles, interior and external parapets. If you need to clean window blinds, we charge it for additional fee.

Windows cleaning- Ecological

We have also ecological windows cleaning in our offered services- by steam. Appropriate for allergic persons. This cleaning is a connection of ecological solution, hot-steam power and temperature. Because of such combination dirt is washed away.

High rise windows cleaning

We realize high rise windows cleaning on glass high-rise buildings, warehouses, halls, interior spaces, shopping centers on buildings with no openable or partly openable windows. Height work are done either with climbing and rope equipment or with auto lift platform. High rise windows cleaning is done with professional window technique and cleaning detergents. It is possible to use telescopic draw-bar on ground floors glass areas, approximately up to 7 meters.

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Windows cleaning

Windows cleaning in Bratislava for households, offices and other commercial spaces

Type Standard After craftsmen Window blinds
Single-winged window
(150 x 115 cm)
7€ 6€ 3€
Double-winged window
(150 x 180 cm)
9€ 9€ 4€
Triple-winged window
(150 x 240 cm)
15€ 12€ 8€
Balcony doors
(80 x 240 cm)
9€ 7€ 3€
Different measures 0,80€/m² 1€/m² 1,50€/m²
Glazing cleaning
(80 x 240 cm)
from 0,90€/m² from 1,50€/m² from 1€/m²
Cleaning shop windows from 0,90€/m² from 1,50€/m² from 1€/m²

Including VAT

Price includes:

  • Windows cleaning from both side, parapets and handles
  • Professional cleaning detergents
  • Tools and equipment
  • Liability Insurance


Windows cleaning minimum price is 40 €, transportation included
Transportation within Bratislava is a flat-rate 7€
Transportation outside of Bratislava is charged by 0,40€ / km – We offer EKO cleaning with hot-steam cleaning as well.
We work also during weekends and holidays without any extra fee

Frequently asked questions

+When is it possible to make a reservation?

⦁ If only windows cleaning service is chosen we recommend reservation 48 hours in advance.
⦁ If windows cleaning service with standard cleaning is chosen, we recommend reservation 72 hours in advance.

+Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do in the case of:
⦁ Windows cleaning together with standard cleaning.
⦁ Regular windows cleaning service.
⦁ More windows.

+How do we find out an exact price calculation?

Site visit is necessary in order to make the exact price offer calculation according to yours terms. Site visits are promptly made usually in 24 hours, free of charge. Price calculation will be discussed on site. In the case of bigger objects price offer will be sent to emails.

+Do you offer ECO windows cleaning?

Yes, we use professional ECO cleaning detergents with hot-steam machine.

+What to do in the case of dissatisfaction?

If you are not satisfied with executed works from objective point of view, you can contact directly responsible representative and all failings will be fixed in 24 hours. If unintentionally damaged was done our company is well insured.

+When is a payment for services done?

⦁ During one-time work
On the spot, after work is finished in cash/ payment on account after finished work.

⦁ During regular work
Always at the end of the month, or according to yours needs. Issued invoice will be sent to email or by post if needed. .


How is cooperation carried out?

Contact our nonstop line

Premises visit

Making of price offer

Contract signing

Cleaning starts