Hot-steam machine cleaning

Hot-steam cleaning is biological and ecological machine cleaning without usage of cleaning detergents. Cleaning by steam is good not only for households, offices, commercial spaces, but also for allergic personse, asthmatics because of its non-negotiable advantage- terminating 99,99% of bacteria.

During steam cleaning all undesired elements are being removed from surfaces, such as:

⦁ Bacteria,
⦁ Mildew,
⦁ Mites,
⦁ Water port and sediments,
⦁ Sludge,
⦁ Other microorganisms and pathogens causing health problems,
⦁ Bind dust, allergens and remove smell.

Depth cleaning and disinfection

⦁ Bathroom such as, tiles, bath tub, shower, sink
⦁ batteries, floor, joints, toilet, mirror
⦁ kitchen (kitchen unit, sink and floor),
⦁ window (frames, parapets, window blinds),
⦁ swimming pools.

Hot-steam cleaning by high pressure cleaner with temperature 160 °C is combination of steam burst and high temperature. It is highly reliable for cleaning, disinfection and decontamination. Dirt is easily removed and we reach also into hard to get places, which makes hot-steam cleaning more precise without any chemical detergents. During hot-steam machine cleaning we use also additional brushes or towels. Scientific studies also approve efficiency of steam machine cleaning.

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from 6:00 till 24:00

Hot-steam machine cleaning

Cleaning of floors, facings, joints, household appliances, sanitary, pools, window and blinds.

Service type Standard Severe pollution
Bathroom set
together with cleaning of the premises
od 15€ od 25€
Floor and joints 3,50€/m² 4€m²
Pools 3,50€/m² 4€/m²

Including VAT

Price includes:

  • Tools and equipment
  • Liability Insurance


Hot-steam machine cleaning minimum price is 40 €, transportation included
Transportation within Bratislava is a flat-rate 7€
Transportation outside of Bratislava is charged by 0,40€ / km
We work also during weekends and holidays without any extra fee

Frequently asked questions

+When is it possible to make a reservation?

⦁ We recommend reservation 72 hours in advance.

+Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do in the case of:

⦁ Steam cleaning with other service combination
⦁ Regular hot-steam cleaning
⦁ Bigger scope of works

+What to do in the case of dissatisfaction?

If you are not satisfied with executed works from objective point of view, you can contact directly responsible representative and all failings will be removed. If unintentionally damaged was done our company is well insured.

+When is a payment for services done?

⦁ During one-time work
On the spot, after work is finished in cash/ payment on account after finished work.

⦁ During regular work
Always at the end of the month, or according to yours needs. Issued invoice will be sent to email or by post if needed.


How is cooperation carried out?

Contact our nonstop line

Premises visit

Making of price offer

Contract signing

Cleaning starts